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Women's Foxy Disco Lady Plus Size Costume

GET YOUR GROOVE ONThis costume will completely take you back in time, all the way to the 70's! Just picture this: You step out of your station wagon, ready for a night of dancing.

You walk up to the local disco club with a couple of friends. You step through the door and hear the Bee Gees blaring, and you can't help yourself, you have to go bust a move!

You and your friends head out on the dance floor to cut a rug, and you stay out there all night. Sounds like a 70's daydream, doesn't it?

Make that dream a reality! Throw a 70's themed party, and tell all of your friends to get the most groovy costume they can.

You, in the meantime, will be rocking this foxy disco lady costume, ready to rule every square inch of dance floor underneath that disco ball. FUN DETAILS This costume practically oozes 70's nostalgia.

The psychedelic pattern of the whole outfit instantly lets you know what era it is from, but this costume brings way more to the table than a cool print. The shirt has a sleek V neck and large bell bottom sleeves, meaning every move you make will flow like water.

Not only that, your pants have a split bell bottom as well! Bell bottoms were a 70's classic, and this costume spares no expense when it comes to hitting its mark.

 GRAB A FRIENDAll costumes are more fun with friends! Have yours check out our other 70's costumes, and make this a group thing!

When you and your friends walk down the street looking like your off an album cover, people won't be able to look away! Basically, You plus friends plus our 70's costumes, equals one radical night.



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