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Johnny Bravo Costume

1, 2, 3 hyah! Baby!

Johnny Bravo is one cool dude. He lives with his mom, he doesn't have a job and his best friend is Little Suzy from next door.


Okay, so maybe on paper, Johnny doesn't have a lot going for him except a really sweet hairdo and some awesome shades, but every man has to start somewhere. Your start is here, with our exclusive Johnny Bravo costume!

Our costume designers watched every single episode of the Cartoon Network series. They studied all of his moves, his glorious muscles, and even all of his failed lines to impress the ladies.

All of our hard work paid off, because we've finally mastered his look to create this licensed outfit. Design & Details The costume comes with Johnny's signature black t-shirt.

And just in case can't spend all of your time buffing up to get his thick muscles, this shirt comes with some bulging foam in the arms and chest to make you look as buff as Mr. Bravo.

Of course, you can't be just like Johnny without a styling blonde hairdo. Unfortunately, shaping your own hair is no small task, since cartoon physics make his wild slicked back hair possible.

No worries though! This costume set comes with a blonde wig that perfectly recreates his style, so all you have to do is place it on top of your head to get perfect hair.

And to top it all off, we included his signature shades, because everyone knows that the ladies love sunglasses! Man, I'm Pretty Once you have the entire ensemble on, oooooh mama.

Check the pecs, because man you'll be pretty! You might even have the courage to do ask one of the pretty mamas at the party for a date.

If not, you can always just do the monkey to the music!

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