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Ghostbusters Costume for Adults

Can you stand up to something strange in your neighborhood? Do you have the ability to examine something paranormal and spooky without getting freaked out?

Then, step right up because it sounds like you have what it takes to be a Ghostbuster! Since they first caught sight of an eerie specter at a local library, the original three Ghostbusters decided to start a company to make sure that these supernatural phantoms wouldn't rule the streets, frightening as many civilians as possible.

If you're not easily spooked, then you should think about joining the ranks as one of the apparition-trapping Ghostbusters. Word is on the street that they are looking for a new member to join their squad since the ghost population in New York City is at an all time high.

We would recommend showing up to the interview wearing this costume in order to look more professional. The ghostbusting team would most likely hire you if you come in prepared to fight these haunting phantoms.

Lucky for you, this costume has the potential to score you the job! This adult Ghostbuster costume consists of a zip-up jumpsuit with zippered pockets and the Ghostbuster logo patches on the sleeve and the left breast.

The included backpack and the wand can easily be inflated and then you'll be ready to start hunting some ghostly haunters! Put our names down as references and we have a pretty good feeling that you'll get a call back real soon.

The only other advice we have for you is..

.don't let Slimer slime you!

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