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Adult Wonder Woman Costume

Some women are wonderful without any powers.Seriously, have you seen women managers?

All in-charge and organized? What about moms?

Talk about super skills: managing kids, a house, and jobs to boot. And don't even get us started on women athletes.

All that strength and training? Ridiculously cool.

And what about you? Are you taking on the world?

Because that's pretty boss.In short, we consider lots of women, including you, worthy of super-hero status.

Women do amazing amounts of work and deal with villainous problems on a daily basis. Problem is, most people don't see how super you guys are, considering all your hard work is behind the scenes or most people are too oblivious to see it.

Which is why we would like to take a moment to encourage all the super ladies out there (you included) to consider dressing in a an outfit that reflects your super-ness. In short, you need to start dressing up as super heroes.

We think that's the only thing that would accurately represent what you do on a daily basis. And one of the best options for super-hero threads?

Wonder Woman of course. This hard-core lady takes on baddies in hand-to-hand combat, only to win for justice every time.

We'd like to think of that as a metaphor for what you awesome women do on a daily basis. Which of course means y'all need to dress up in this Adult Wonder Woman Costume.

With a red and blue strapless dress, metallic skirt with stars, embroidered Wonder Woman logo, and foam belt, you'll look every bit the hero you are. It even includes the foam tiara, red cape, silver gauntlets, and red boot toppers to complete the look.

So try it out. It's about time you look as super as you are.


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